About Us

Hello, friends!

I think we should start by introducing ourselves!

My name is Margo, and I am the founder of the LASHPROVOCATOR brand.Margo Lashprovocator.jpg

I am a practicing lash artist and extension coach, a speaker at conferences, the author of educational programs, and a winner of championships in the highest categories.

I have been working in the field of lash extensions for over 10 years. I have witnessed the industry evolve from thick and rigid lashes to aesthetic and soft ones.


How did the idea of creating my own brand come?

The story is simple.

Every time when I was teaching courses, students keep asking me, "Which materials are the best to buy?"

As a practicing lash artist, I was always looking for the perfect material for my work. Somewhere, there were good curls, but the tape was inconvenient. Somewhere it was the opposite. Somewhere the colors weren't pure, there were imperfections on the lash tips, and so on... There was no brand that offered a kind of "ideal" product.


That's how the Lashprovocator was born!

After testing dozens of different samples from various manufacturers, we found something that brings us closer to our goal. The next crucial step was collaborating with other practicing lash artists and trainers! Because it's one thing if a material suits only me, and another if it's maximally convenient for other artists. We are all different, with different techniques and habits, so it was essential to consider all opinions!

In the end, all the feedback was collected, and new specifications for the material were written, so that something special could be created for us! For this, we are very grateful to all the artists who participated in this adventure!


So, what did we achieve?

Quality, versatility, and encouragement of creativity!Lashprovocator product line.jpg

Our black lashes are truly coal-black, without any blue or gray undertones.

The brown lashes don't have any ginger color impurity. Our Dark Chocolate color – is modern and tranding that suits both blondes and brunettes perfectly!

Our adhesives are incredibly fast and reliable. They even managed to undergo rigorous testing and conquer Mount Everest (no joke)! They performed at 110%!

Jelly Remover quickly became a favorite among lash artists. It's very convenient to use and significantly reduces working time.

Colored lashes give artists the freedom to unleash their imagination. With them, you can bring all fantasies to life!

Our wide range of curl options easily allows you to find exactly what you need, whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional!

The mixed lengths are excellently selected based on the experience of various artists, ensuring maximum use of all materials on the tray.


Welcome to our world—a world of quality, creativity, and confidence in your work!

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